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Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café - The School Jaya One

Last few weeks I was invited by Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café to their food review, which located at The School, Jaya One, which is recently most developed small town in Petaling Jaya!

Let's have a look around Fuwa Fuwa!

Super classic design & I like the environment a lot!

According to Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe owner's wife told us that they're actually produce bread only, and it is supplying over Asia, included China. What a big big company! 

BTW because they're expanding, so they come out their first franchise - Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café, which not only serve bread, but:

- Coffee
- Chocolate
- Organic Tea
- Iced Tea
- Ice Blended
- Smoothie
- Juice Drink 
- Light Meals
- Sandwiches
- Pasta
- Hot Meals
- Little Nibbles (Snacks)

Not only these, they also provide kids baking & decor classes!

The concept of Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Café is bakery cafe for whole family! Kids baking cookies/cake decorating classes, meanwhile parents can join them for Family Day or having some tea & food to relax themselves! They also provide private parties for your kid's birthday! 

On the day itself, Amanda person in charge show us the cake decorated by kids during last weekend baking cookies/cake decorating classes. 

Let's have a close up on those cute cup cakes! Kinda impress because I myself can't decorate till such pretty & nice cup cake look T_________T

Here's some information regarding the kid baking cookies/cake decorating classes! Just right click & save it to read what's inside! ;) Did u just saw few angry birds?

And of cos their famous slogan - Have A Fluffy Day! 

Other than that, for adult of cos they won't miss us out, right? Adults also need a Fluffy Day! :D

By this concept, it's now more suitable for family to enjoy & having their meals during weekdays or weekends!

Let's see what's famous order by Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe instead of their famous bread? We go through the drinks first, noted that most of the bloggers are COFFEE-ADDICT ;)

Tasted Mocha & Caramel! Let me explain a little bit :D

Caffe Mocha: After drinking it, just realized that Mocha actually is chocolate mix with coffee, most of the people said mocha taste more chocolate than coffee, but for this I smell & taste more flawless coffee!

Caramel Latte: My favorite always go to Caramel! Never say NO to caramel! It smell really nice, taste kinda sweet without sugar! 

So yeah, both mocha & caramel after drinking until the end, the pattern decorated is till there until the end! Powerful! And can I say that Caramel Latte is my first coffee with pattern. OTHER than that, all these coffee are DOUBLE SHOTS ;) 


Let's moving to their yummy & hot MEALS!

Creamy Mushroom Soup - RM9

Creamy Mushroom Soup: Made from scratch, fresh mushroom blended with added lots of creamy goodness to make every single slurp unforgettable & worthwhile! Do match it with garlic bread! You gonna fall in love with it! :)

Classic Carbonara - RM17

Classic Carbonara: Guess what, I love carbonara damn much, never feel bored on it! Ok, this carbonara sauce definitely not the paste we can bought at supermarket. It is specially made by chef using rich egg-yolk based sauce, added chicken ham, which drizzled over yummy spaghetti! 

Tropical Chicken Chop - RM17

Tropical Chicken Chop: Yeap! Marinated Chicken Chop grilled & drizzled with house special gravy! It also served with salad & fries, decorated with a slide of pineapple & cherry tomato! Healthy meal as it dont have fat & oil. Like it! ;)

Chicken Schnitzel Salad - RM12

Chicken Schnitzel Salad: I like the chicken so much, as well as the sauce! BTW it described as a bed of fresh greens top with scrumptious pieces of deep fried chicken fillet, added with thousand island filling ;) Overall, YUMS!

Grilled Chicken Burger - RM17

Grilled Chicken Burger: I like the fries, not oily & salty at all, soft as well! Burger with grilled chicken on Fuwa Fuwa special bun serve with peri peri sauce! Ohya the bun is very yummy! But too bad I forgot to try out their other bun on the day itself!

Other than that, they also have 4 special cookies! Cranberry, orange, strawberry & blueberry!

Cookies - RM8 each

Let's see what's else Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe sell~* Of cos! BREAD & CAKES ;)

Other than that, they offer MEMBER CARD as well! Just with RM15!

Price: RM15
Duration: 2 years from the date registered
- 5% discount off from total bill
- Special discounts on selected buns
- Birthday Tokens
- Monthly promotion & monthly surprises
- If you're STUDENT, you can get 10% discount off from total bill! Seriously I wish I can go back my student time T____________T

Comment: Overall, the price is kinda affordable & reasonable, I like it because it quite relax & not noisy as other cafe! And their coffee beans & teas are all high quality products! Don't believe? You should go and try it out! BTW you can sit down & chill your mind or update your blog peacefully there.

For weekend, it definitely more suitable for family because of the kid's cake baking cookies decoration class, the gold time parents spend their hours with their child! Have fun!

More information:
Operation time: 10am - 7pm (except Sunday)
Location: Here
*How to get there? Once you enter the main door of Ground Floor of The School Jaya One, take one escalator up on your right, once you get up there, it is located at your back, so just turn your face & walk there!;)*

Any questions just email me or drop me a comment down there!


  1. wow everything looks wonderful there! =D

    1. Henry: Thanks! If come kl remember go to go jaya one and try them out ;)

  2. My girls love it there. Once a week is a must for them.

    1. Dear Soo Huey Ang: Glad ur daughter like there. Once i got my own child im sure i will bring them go ;P


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