Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guinness Amplify - Music Made of More

Last Saturday 18 October I manage to attend Guinness Amplify, Music Made of More with my beloved Vinc and his friends! Because we all love musics!
This awesome Amplify bringing in together some of the very best artists Malaysia, as well as international artists.

Artists of the night included local electropop heroes Dash, musical maestro OJ Law, and lastly MAGIC ;)

It was a great run from the beginning of the 7-week campaign whereby Guinness hosted the Guinness Amplify : Live Tour Gigs at 7-locations nationwide, last one just happened at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur!

Let's see what's going on that night! Music just begin! Kick started with DASH on the stage! Our local electropop heroes. Proud to be Malaysian because we generate talented ppl day by day!

DASH is a local youtuber which I kinda surprise with their music, and at first I thought they're not Malaysian! Nice nice music they had made of!

After that, OJ Law on the stage, another talented singer from Malaysia!

For me, I kinda like his music because the musics sound like him, non of other singer can sing like him, own music own personality. Nais nais!

Lastly, music made of more, end with MAGIC!!

Icons are not BORN, they're MADE & Celebrate Music MADE of More!

Bf's heng dai (buddy) - Akiet! He's always my bf's best friend, no matter where he go what he do and why he do!

Opps! Spotted me, that i'm kept checking my social media on my phone. LOL. Saw a lot of blogger friends as well ;)

With dear Janice!

With dear Li Chuen

With Li Chuen and Amelia! Glad to see you all there. Miss our moment we spend together!

Of cos, lastly my bf - Vinc! :D

Thanks to Manoah & Guinness for this opportunity to attend this awesome Guinness Amplify and again let me fall in love with Guinness! XOXO

RUDE?! No no no, just MAGIC, rude doesn't meant the real rude in their song. Wondering? Watch this video below. Enjoy this music!!

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  1. nice song from Magic! must be a great night to listen them live! =D

    1. Henry: Yeap, until now I still cant remember their songs :D


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