Monday, October 20, 2014

esmé Clinic - Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment

Hi girls, looking for fairer & smoother skin?

I'm introducing esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment today! But first we go into esmé  Clinic environment.

This is esmé  clinic Jaya One branch, it located on 2nd floor of shop lot, you can refer to the address I attach at the end later.

After you come in, friendly beauty specialist will greet you & invite you to a consultation room.

After that, they will invite you to a pretty & romantic area to wait after for you to go to their treatment room.

After that I got the chance to visit all the other rooms but didn't manage to take down any pictures because I was too exited LOL.

But first do you guys know what is Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment?

How Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment work?
Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial treatment is famous Carbon Ion Nano-Lambency therapy combines the ND: YAG (1064 nm) laser and Carbon Ion Powder which works effectively on

1. Brighten your skin
2. Reduce your huge pores
3. Reduce pigmentations (Nevus of Ota, coffee spot, age spot, freckle etc...)
4. Stimulate the regeneration of the collagen fiber of your skin.

Now let's us see how's carbon blast laser skin facial treatment machine ;)

And I'm so exited to try it out! *See my face also can know* LOL

Close up of my left & right face.

OMG my close up pictures was so HORRIBLE!! T_____________________________T

Their service is damn good because on the day itself I felt super cold due to my first day of my menstrual. They gave me few blankets, to prevent me from freezing!

Procedure of Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment

Applying carbon on my half face @@

Blackieeee! LOL

After that we gonna apply laser on carbon. That's why it named as Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment!

How's it work actually? Let's see!

How this therapy works?

1. Carbon power which act as an exogenous artificial color agent, possesses strong absorptive capacity which use to absorb the dirty & fine dirt deep in the pores. It also attracting pigment in epidermis layer.

2. The carbon powder has excellent absorption properties on 1064nm laser light.

3. The medical graded laser generate high energy as well as heat to stimulate regeneration of the collagen fiber under the skin. Hence, body's natural repair function leads to the collagen's redeposition and rearrangement, which give the best effect on reducing wrinkles & lines, shrinking pores, smoothing your skin, regain a brighter and even more perfect skin!


After carbon blast laser skin facial treatment? the gonna wash away all the carbon powers. *Blissful Face LOL*

After washing? Can see my skin is brighter & pores are all getting smaller!

Let's have a close up for AFTER TREATMENT.

No filter No PS No edit

For last step, they gonna apply mask on my skin to prevent dehydration! So I'm looking a bit yellowish. You gonna rest for about 15-20 mins.

Meanwhile they will give water supply onto your skin to keep your skin hydrate!

Taddaaa! I'm done! The day after tomorrow? How's it gonna look like? Flawless skin! They even say i applied make up during my working hours.


How about close up picture?

Ok, you can see super a lot of different, as in my skin brighter, smaller pores, my acne also say BYE BYE to me! What a wonderful treatment I ever receive.

So yeah, but first let me take a selfie!

1. The technology of single lamp and two rods can make the single pulse energy reach 450mj, which gets the treatment effects better.
2. The effect is 12 times more than the common laser machines. 
3. It not only enhances the effect of thrashing the pigmentation, but also avoids the blain (inflamed skin) and scar after laser treatment.
4. Smooth out fine wrinkles and expression lines
5. Reduce pigmentation
Before I end this post*
 I'm gonna giveaway 20 esmé Clinic vouchers worth RM100 each;
 just by MENTION my name: Jacqueline Khoo 

Term & condition:
- The voucher not valid for first trial treatment or promotion package, but can deduct from normal price items and package.
- Expired on 31 December 2014.

More details on:
Treatment Name: esmé Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment
Normal Price: RM720
First Trial: RM149
Current Package: Buy 3 Free 3 (up to 50% Off). Do 6 times, the better skin condition can LAST 3 YEARS

MilkDeal Side:

esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Google Map: Here
Tel: 03-7955 1491

Any questions just drop me an email or leave a comment below ;) Have fun! :D


  1. wow!the result so good. feel like trying out after reading your review. Just by mentioned you name? XD

    1. Hi FurFer, yeap dear. Just by mentioning my name and you can get RM100 off! ;)

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