Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Clean Diet - Pre/Post-Workout

I decided to get at least a small abs but so far I only can get FLAT ABS, which is not the one I want it. Can I shout? Argghhh!! No I cant. Is my fault because I didnt get enough healthy diet n workout information.

I want ABS so much. Generally SMTH like this :'(

I want her 80%, that's more than enough :P

Before this, no matter how hard I try, what I do and how I do, I still cant get my sexy abs! So so sad until I almost give up my fitness life. I was doing a lot of cardio instead of strength training, weight lifting, for the past 2 years, without any proper meal.

Until I bought Kayla Itsines (Bikini Body Workout). It should be mix up all these exercise and do it alternatively.

Other than that, we MOST IMPORTANTLY need to have HEALTHY DIET, yes Healthy Diet! Today I will focus more on diet, especially on breakfast! Recently I kinda addict with smoothie and oatmeal for my pre-workout and post-workout meal. This is because smoothie and oatmeal contain the nutrients that we need of the day, a perfect choice for workout meal! Carbs give u energy, protein replenish your muscles, fruits and vege for your whole day vitamin supplies.

Smoothie I do it quite frequently because it is easy and can finish it in very short time.

1. Banana Milk Smoothie + Goji berries (optional)
I love banana milk smoothie so so much because it is easy and very healthy as banana contain high energy low fat, and milk (low fat milk) contain protein & calcium that benefit for pre/post-workout. Sometimes I will put goji berries because it is very high in anti-oxidant, that can make your cell getting younger and younger ;)

2. Pink Smoothie
Yeap, pink = blueberries + strawberries + beetroot + greek yogurt + water. One of my favorite smoothie because it filled with anti-oxidant fruits that make me younger and beetroot contain a lot of unexpected nutrient (check it out here).

3. Green Smoothie
Greenish smoothie = Kiwi + celery + greek yogurt + water. I like it so much as kiwi contain high vitamin c!

4. Orange Berries Smoothie
Orange + blueberries + strawberries + greek yogurt + water. I love this smoothie because it is so fragrant and fulled with vitamin C! Yum Yum!

* Greek yogurt can be replaced with low fat yogurt
* Natural sweetener like HONEY can be use for sour fruits like orange smoothie 

You can customized your own smoothie, remember MILK can blend with only SWEET fruits (banana, watermelon), the rest SOUR fruits (orange, berries etc etc)


Beside smoothie, you also can try out

Okay, recently a lot of people PM me and ask about oatmeal. Wondering what is it? It is an easy western healthy breakfast.

What ingredients you need to prepare?
- Rolled oat/Instant oat
- Low fat milk
- Low fat yogurt/Greek yogurt (optional)
- Any fruits you like
- Any nuts you like

Just 5 ingredients you can get healthy breakfast, and don't need to wake up early to cook/prepare your breakfast! All nutrients inside your oatmeal breaky!

Before you go to sleep, just add in 5-8 spoon oat, add in your milk and yogurt (optional) into your jar, and put it inside your fridge until the next morning.

After you wake up, prepare your fruits you want to put in like - blueberries, strawberries, avocado, kiwi, grapes, mango, banana etc etc what ever fruits you love. Lastly, put in the nuts you love. Nuts give natural oil supply to our body that can lower our cholesterol. Almond and walnuts? I love all of them. And you're done!

1. Rolled oat + milk + strawberries + blueberries + walnut

2. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + grapes + blueberries + avocado + walnuts

3. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + mango + grapes

4. Rolled oat + low fat milk + greek yogurt + banana + grapes + bluberries

5. Rolled oat + low fat milk + grapes + strawberries + blueberries

6. Rolled oat + low fat milk + yogurt + kiwi + avocado + blueberries

Yeap, you wont be boring with those variety of fruits! You not gonna have same breakfast everyday!

Yea you can have fruit party as your snacks.

Recently that's my pre and post workout snacks. Smoothie, oatmeal and fruit snacks! My all time favorite! 

* Less sugar fruits (mango, grapes etc) at night because sugar can cause FAT! 

All the best to all of you and let's keep fit keep healthy together! Any question just drop me questions at the comment box below ;)


  1. I take oats every morning but its just plain. Now , you've given me an excellant idea to mix n match some missing 'fruits' in my breakfast. Very nice. I shall try it tomorrow morning!!!

    1. Ricky: U can wait the oatmeal not so cold first and then only eat. After tried, let me know ya! ;)


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