Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[Review] Cuppatea from UK

Hi everyone, today I'm gonna introducing you all - Cuppatea, which is originated from United Kingdom (UK). I'm kinda love with detox because our daily food intake mostly are dirty and not healthy? Perhaps? Unless you eat clean all the while LOL.

So it is important to make our colon clean and healthy, because colon is our biggest and most important factory that we can't miss any part of it! Why? Because if our bowel movements are not regular (constipation), the waste products will turn into toxins and accumulate and it can compromise your health!

Thanks Cuppatea for letting me to try out this awesome product! Received it happily on my doorstep!

What's so special about Cuppatea?
- Cuppatea is a UK based company that produce teatox mainly for detox, weight loss and promote healthy lifestyle for everyone. 

- 100% natural ingredients and helps in weight loss (burning fat) through balanced diet and regular exercise regime. (*Remember: Weight loss should not involve with extreme diet or starvation which might cause bad result of your plan)

How it taste like?
- Morningtime Detox taste more to chinese herbs with slight ginger smell.
- Bedtime Cleanse taste more flowery and slight chinese herbs.

- Just infused with boiling water for 3 MINS and you can drink! Personally think that it is not so hard to drink it, but I can't drink it during menstruation period, maybe during that time I'm so sensitive to HERBS. Lol wtf.

- After drinking Cuppatea, your bowel movement will increase, and don't worry because it is normal symptom for detox. Now I had no more constipation problem as well as won't feel bloated as everything that stuck inside had gone! *Remember to keep yourself hydrated because your body need water to clean your toxin inside your body!

--> WARNING <--

But if you feel that your body gonna have these symptoms, then you're advice to DETOX yourself. SYMPTOMS for detox are:

- Low energy / Easily get fatigued
- Constipation
- Brain frog / Unable to focus
- Feeling depressed
- Overweight / Hard to loss weight
- Sleeping problem
- Sexual dysfunction
- Unusual headache
- Unusual stiffness and soreness
- Skin problems
- Allergics

More information pls read - HERE.

So, start your balanced and healthy lifestyle today! As simple as below with Cuppatea Morningtime Detox and Bedtime Cleanse:

- Had your Morningtime Detox (Infuse teabag for 3 mins boiling water before you drink*)
- Wholemeal bread / Smoothie / Oatmeal / Sandwiches (Check out my blog link here for oatmeal and my Instagram to know more!)

- Normally I like to cook my own meal with 1/4 brown rice, 2/4 vegetables and 1/4 protein such as eggs, lean meat or fish! Yummy!
- Alternate choice like homemade salad, sandwiches, wraps etc etc.

- I will reduce my carbohydrates intake, and increase my fiber intake so that I can stay whole night long! My ratio still the same but brown rice replace with potato families.
- Had your Bedtime Cleanse for optimum detox effect!

Check out my prepost workout meal - HERE.

Important Notes:
- You can had your snacks in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. No harm/sins to have your healthy snacks, yet it might boost up your body metabolism!
- Snacks like dry fruits, fresh fruits, nuts, energy bar, yogurt and so on! But make sure no process food taken as it normally contain high calories, and they are pricey as well XD

You can download Cuppatea eating plan - HERE

Then you can maximise your weight loss and optimise detoxification throughout your Cuppatea detox. Have fun everyone!

Too expensive? Don't worry! Just key in my code: jacqueline15off and you will get 15% off! Happy Shopping my readers! ;)

More information: 

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