Tuesday, June 2, 2015

[Review] Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål - Eggwhite Facial Care

It's been quite a long time I didn't update any on Facial Care! Again, thanks to HiShop for always know girl's need - the MASK to let us stay young and own a flawless skin!

Today I'm going to introduce you all - Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål - Eggwhite Facial Care from Victoria Sweden. It is made in Sweden, used by Swedish royal family since few generations ago! Originally prepared by Swedish women at home, an eggwhite facial was a weekly tradition to maintain pure as well as glowing skin. Together with added extracts from plants as cleansing ingredients and goat milk, this Eggwhite Facial Soap helps in maintain your skin in soft conditions.

It looks or called as a soap - facial cleanser but it actually works like a MASK! It doesn't dry up your skin like how soap will do so. It definitely works great for sebum control and shrinkage pores.

Benefits of Eggwhite Facial Soap:
- Shrinkage of pores
- Elastin of pores
- Sebum control
- Control thorny tissues
- Nutritious and moisturizes skin

- Suitable for use in the morning as face soap and face pack in the evening.

- All types of skin

STEP 1 - Use water and create smooth foam, apply it on your face and neck evenly.

STEP 2 - Stay for 5 mins.

STEP 3 - Rinse with warm/clean water. Apply your daily skincare routine.

Yeap, after these steps, impurities will be drawn from the pores naturally. Upon rinsing you can see a rosey glow appears on your skin!

Ohya, another news I wanna let you all know that this Eggwhite Facial Care is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on AMAZON.COM! How cool is it. This mean that it is trusted by people all around the world! XD

Let's see BEFORE and AFTER. Tell me what you can see in between! XD

- I got fairer skin, smaller pores size and more fresh feeling after few tries on Victoria Sweden Eggwhite Skin Soap. Love it because it doesn't make my skin allergic :D

- Everytime during menstrual cycle, my acne will pop out and say HELLO to me. Thanks to Eggwhite Facial Care save my face XD

Price: RM120 for 3 pieces
Available at: HERE

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