Friday, June 12, 2015

Fantasy Tour 2015 - WONDERLAND Party at KL LIVE

Last 2 weeks I had a date with my beloved one on Wonderland Party at KL LIVE! Thanks KL Live for the invites and I'm enjoying a lot of talented DJs and singers as well!

Let me throwback what's going on!

My bf loves MUSIC so much so I decided to bring him along to feel the AWESOME MUSICS! Woots woots! Can't wait!!

Fantasy Tour 2015, Wonderland Party!!! Here we come ;)

So on the day itself, it is kinda crowded and main sponsor are Hennessy VSOP and Asahi for the party night itself! It looks great but but I forgot to take my OOTD there T.T

Let's start our party with HOT and CRAZY musics!

Party begin with 24HERBS 廿四味 from Hong Kong. Progressive Hip Pop team, member of DorYuk, Drunk, Ghost Style, JBS, Kit and Phat! They start their music in the year of 2011 and now their musics everywhere included clubs, concerts, sponsored events and also festival! How cool is it ;)

Next coming up is Stephanie Cheng Yung 鄭融 from Hong Kong as well. Want to know more about her? Real singer and always sing and dance together with 24HERBS! Check her FB out as attached :D

Awesome music let us damn high! Pretty models everywhere on the night itself!

WHO's THE NEXT? Next coming up is DJ EVA T from Malaysia! Kinda impressed by her electronic dance music! Talented Malaysian do keep going ya!

Next 炙手可热的新晋歌手SINGER Hazel Tong from Hong Kong!

A very pretty girl which is damn damn high with people surrounding us! XD

Lastly is DJ MasterK @ DJ Ken from Malaysia! Wee wee! Well known DJ on Zouk Malaysia and he won Positive Rotation,KINGSPIN, Voyeur Records! Lots of hidden talented Malaysian!

Yeap! Enjoyed a really awesome night with DJ and singers from Malaysia and Hong Kong! But I only manage to record down a short short video! Hope you guys enjoy it ;)

Let me take a OOTD before I end this post XD

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  1. looks like a awesome night event. great music

    1. Yeap! Enjoy a lot, together with Asahi Beer given! You should try it next time ;)

  2. Wonderland party!! Wow, it is my desire to attend the wonderland party. I wish I could attend this one. Sounds like you had a great time with your friends! Isn’t that true? Well, I have also reserved a gorgeous venue from the list of top party venue rentals in Florida. Actually I am going to host an annual business party.

    1. Thanks! All the best for every party you hosted!


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