Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Surprise for Hubby's Birthday!

Hello everyone. I plan to change my blog writing style, since long long time ago. However, i never have that kind of motivation to do it. Some more i always simply write and then post. 

Today, yay, finally.

Now i really know how meaningless on past two years, what a waste. Waste all my previous post and now i need to re-write it over again! Never mind, human always learn from mistake they had done right? But they never correct it.

Hopefully i can make a new change on this blog! Hope guys really enjoy reading this blog! Do remember to LIKE my page as well as FOLLOW me at this blog. I do appreciate everyone who give effort on supporting me! Thanks. 


Finally the date i was waiting -- 23 Sept 2012, it will be my hubby 27th birthday. I had screwing my mind for the past few months and finally i get something special for him. I guess he still dunno what is it, since i hide it at my hostel. (my jimui - Joey actually strongly mention that birthday present should be given on birthday that day, not earlier than that. ) lol kinda agree if give already means birthday that day wont have any surprise, isn't? Reasonable*

Previously when i was on secondary school, normally we celebrate earlier since my birthday always located on weekend. =.= Poor girl, until now my birthday seldom falls on weekdays! 
Ohya before i show you guys the present, here i bought a very cute card for him.
Never found such a cute card before! It represent my heart for him, for now and forever! I love you Hubby!

For my wonderful HUSBAND, on your birthday, I give you all my love! 
Forgive me cos my poor mind cant think such pretty quote!

I want to buy something useful or something he lack of but after discussing with my jimui, LOL. I finalize with this. Guest what?! PORTABLE CHARGER!

Happy Birthday Hubby! Here is my present for you! Hope really it's a big surprise for you. 27 years old and this show you big boy already! I dont expect something else from you, i just want YOUR LOVE, that is more than enough. 

Another thing screwing my mind was what i'm going to cook for him? Recently i cook various dishes for him but he seems like not really enjoy it! Damn, is it my cooking skills so poor? Sigh i really need to improve alot seems his mouth is so selective. 

Again, i discuss with my jimui and we really create some special and nice recipes, then we do SHARING. Well maybe i will tell you all on next post! Stay tuned.

Opps! Im not a creative housewife but im really nice cooking housewife! lol. I cooked some of his favorite food and gave him last Friday. His Birthday was at 23 Sept and we don't really celebrate it cos I'm sick on that day. How dare. However, he not blaming me after that cos I also don't want it to happen right?
We just went to Setia Alam Mall for HAVING HIS BIRTHDAY MEAL.

And we don't buy the whole cake cos we cant finish it. We just share share, as he don't really loves cake. He only eat the cake slides by this shop, at RT PASTRY HOUSE, just right in front of Jusco Bukit Raja! Again, he is so selective in choosing food. =_='' The next day after his birthday, his colleagues bought a big fruit cake for him, lol. Luckily our decision is correct!

Okays! Enjoy reading this post ya. Hope Vinc Ong have a blessed and awesome birthday, and all his dreams come true soon! God bless ya ;)


  1. lol i thought it is a handphone tim.

  2. lol, im not rich enough to present him a phone lea @@

    But he present me a smart phone lah :D

  3. Happy belated bday to ur hubby! :P

  4. TheJessicat- Thanks!!

    Henry Lee- Thanks ya! :D Happy happy~~


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