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[Review] Annie's Way Jelly Mask + Giveaway

After all unhappiness circumstances happened.
Don't sad, don't give up. Because the world haven't end yet! 

Girls, remember to sayang yourself more a bit, because only you yourself can love yourself, your health and your body more than anyone do, besides God. 

*I will always reward myself with mask, supplement and even do more workout to calm myself down, isn't the best way to overcome those unnecessary stress & tension? *something like this? XD

Today I'm going to introduce one of my favorite mask --> Annie's Way Jelly Mask from Taiwan, a very famous jelly mask that very hard to get in Malaysia!

As you can see, there are various type of Annie's Way Jelly Mask, which I prefer Aloe Anti-Acne Jelly Mask - mainly recitalizes dry skin, seaweed controls oily skin, leaving your skin with a visibly healthy! 

Before I demonstrate how to use this jelly mask, I'm gonna teach you all how you all gonna differentiate real & fake Annie's Way Jelly Mask. 

Real Annie's Way stick with SEAL STICKER at the side of the bottle, shown in the picture.

After you seal off the sticker, you should see VOID appear.

Beside that, the bottom sealed with plastic, if yours is seal with aluminium, means that's fake Annie's Way as lots of people nowadays like to do fake original brand just to EARN MONEY -.-

And lastly, each bottle will give a spatula as shown below! Yeap, if you got all of these, then I'm sure you're getting a real Annie's Way!

Let's start how we going to do our mask with this FAMOUS Annie's Way Jelly Mask!

Everytime I want to try out a new product, I'm going to test it on my hand first, before apply it to my face. This is to test the suitability of the product on our skin*

Here's I tested it on my skin for 5 mins.

After 5 mins. Yeap, there's no redness, no allergic can found on my hand.

It is SAFE!

So now, I'm going to apply it on my face. #butfirstletmetakeaselfie LOL

Looks happy huh? But actually is damn frustrated as there's a lot of pimples coming out and say HI to me for PMS - Premenstrual symptoms* 

1. Clean your face accordingly.

2. Apply face toner.

3. Apply Jelly Mask approximate thickness 0.3-0.5cm by using a spatula.
*why need 0.3cm to 0.5cm because after 20-30 mins, the jelly mask will be absorbed into the skin, so we need to put thick a bit, so later easy for us to scrape*

4. After 30 mins, remove the jelly mask by scraping gently from outside to inside
* Against the pores* 
* It will be more effective if scrape forcibly (depends on your tolerance). This is because the jelly mask will be soften the blackheads and acne, then you will be able to scrape it out easily.

All the direction of the face I use spatula to scrape XD

What is that '?' XD

5. Prepare tissue, and wipe it after you scrape it all out.

Sometimes you might get it *OMG omg*

6. Repeat the same action few times for all the directions shown above. 

You can see that, before and after, there's big different weiii!

7. Rinse with water. Apply moisturizer/or beauty product that you usually apply.

TADAAA you're done!

To see more clearly, here's the comparison BEFORE & AFTER.

Yay or Nay? 

Time to GIVEAWAY! There's extra 5 samples of 30ml Annie's Way Jelly Mask!

Yeap, total of 5 samples to give away, each pack of Annie's Way 30ml Jelly Mask worth RM15!

This is the effect after 2 weeks application of Annie's Way Jelly Mask.

There's 3 requirements only:

1. Follow my BLOG.

2. Add Levv House Annie's Way as friend at Facebook. As they're having promotion:

HARI RAYA + MERDEKA SALES for Annie's Way Malaysia - RM85 only***postage EXCLUDED**for :
1 bottle 250ml
1 pcs Annie's Way Paper Mask
1 A.W Butterfly Spatula
1 pack 30ml Jelly Mask

If you buy Annie's Way Jelly Mask from her, REMEMBER to mention my code: JACQUELINE and you will get a free gift from her!

3. Tell me which type of mask you want and why at the comment below. 

That's all. Remember to leave your name and email for me to contact all of you! Good luck everyone!

3 lucky readers will win the pack he/she want! Good Luck!

Open to MALAYSIAN only* Due date: 31 August 2014*

For more information, kindly contact/follow:
Wechat : msvivian0209 
Instagram : @annieswaymalaysia 
Instagram : @levvhouse 

Winners for 3 lucky readers are

I choose the winner by lucky draw, according to the mask you choose! Congratulation everyone!


  1. charcoal black jelly

    help solve oily skin and whitening skin and make me look younger


  2. I want snail repairing jelly mask because I like product with snail.

    Kien Mei

  3. Snail repairing jelly mask

    Because it helps to moisture and repair my skin so that my skin looks better


  4. Snail repairing jelly mask

    My face is a bit dry and there are pimples all over.
    I hope to try out the sample to see whether it can treat my face.
    Lu Shiau Yee

  5. Charcoal Black Jelly Mask because my face gets oily easily and it will cause unsightly pimples on my face. Plus it has whitening function which can brighten up my skin tone more!

    Name: Joey Chin

  6. Snail repairing jelly mask because it can long lasting moisture and nourish on my skin. Besides, it also an excellent in repair function to make my dry skin be better condition.

    Name: Jazz Moo

  7. I love Calendula Softening Jelly Mask much.
    Because it help and treat my sensitive and allergic skin reduce redness, and also make my pimple become more smaller than before apply it.
    It s help me solve my skin problem. Love it ao much ^^

    Name : Zoe
    Email :

  8. I love Calendula Softening Jelly Mask much.
    Because it help and treat my sensitive and allergic skin reduce redness, and also make my pimple become more smaller than before apply it.
    It s help me solve my skin problem. Love it ao much ^^

    Name : Zoe
    Email :

  9. I would love to have the Honey Mask!

    Because according to my fellow colleague, I have dry skin hence more oil are being produced on my face which then results to acne problem and oily face.
    It would be super helpful if this mask would help moisture my face and nourish my dry skin!

    Name: Cindy


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