Monday, July 21, 2014

A MUST visit places at Bangkok - Amphawa Floating Market

Ok! After Mahachai Seafood Market & Maeklong Railway Market, now let's move to Amphawa Floating Market that I haven't complete from past few days.

After jalan-jalan at both markets, we all kinda tired already. But we still got our last place to visit since it is included inside the tourist tour we bought. We can't reach Amphawa Floating Market just by walking, so we need to sit 'song tail', which mean a bigger version of tuk tuk car.

Kinda 'kancheong' *nervous in cantonese* because we r exposed like sitting on the bike. LOL but don't worry their driving/riding skills are super professional. After 25-30 mins we finally arrive the destination.

See! Lots of local food.

Yeap, not really know what are the name of the food but I know I don't eat most of them HAHAHA cos I'm too picky! And lots of seafood T_______________T *allergic to seafood if they're not fresh enough wtf*

Joey is damn enjoying it buttttt I just can't eat because of my pickiness. lol

Other than food, we also love the local coffee which they call it 'oh liang'. Yeap, favorite all time in Bangkok! Seriously it won't trigger my heart to beat faster and also won't cause me gastric.

Uncle is damn serious while preparing 'oh liang' for us!

BTW to let us enjoy the 'oh liang' then Apple introducing us another natural homemade ice-cream which is very famous and nice to eat too!

We ordered 2 flavors, which is the blue one and the pink one, which is suggested by local tourist tour - Apple lol

And WE LOVE ALL of them! Seriously u will never found this kind of ice-cream in Malaysia! And I love both of my besties too! Joey and Christy!

After spending a couple of times, we decided to continue our floating market journey as the time is quite limited, as the time we travel that day curfew started at 10pm, so we need to leave around 5pm later on.

Then we also saw a lot of unique stuffs.

And cute keychain too!

There's also natural products made from coconut. Joey bought one coconut hair serum and it is really nice to use as it smoothen your hair and repair ur broken hair after walking under hot sun!

Continue to shop and take nice pictures *can see that our face is damn tired jor*

BTW we didn't take the boat to float over the river because of the time limitation. Promise that we will try it once on my next Bangkok trip!

Let us see!

Really interesting and the feelings buying from the boat to boat must be very unique! *but need to wait for next time, aihhhh* After that, we decided to cross the bridge, and then go back to our Lub d Hostel Silom by van.

Before we leave, let us take the selfie of river and ourselves!

Till then, it is almost end of the trip of the day! Super tired after walk for almost non-stop for the whole day but SATISFIED.

I will come here again with my BF for my next trip!

Trip with BF gonna be very romantic but trip with besties gonna be very crazy and like it both!

More information
Google Map: HERE

If you need more information, you can go to Google page and Search for - Amphawa Floating Market! Enjoy!

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