Friday, July 4, 2014

[Homemade Food] Sarawak Traditional Cantonese Dumpling - 广东粽子

Beside I blog about my lifestyle & beauty review, actually I like to cook and make variety of desserts as I love it so much. So today I'm going to share the procedure of how to do Cantonese Dumpling which is only sell in Sarawak Cantonese ppl. *guess so*

Because I nvr eat this kind of dumpling anywhere beside my hometown.
Ohya btw my grandparents' parents originate from China, so we talk China local Cantonese, which is a little bit different compared to Hong Kong type of Cantonese! AND, grandparents' thought us this type of Cantonese dumpling as it is thought by their ancestors.

Here's are the ingredients that you need to do Traditional Cantonese Dumpling!

All the ingredients are to make Traditional Cantonese Dumpling except this one.

This is the ingredient to put in Traditional Hakka Dumpling (Dad is Hakka Nang*) lol, so mum have to do Hakka Dumpling to satisfy his temptation. For Hakka Dumpling the steps even more easier after you had prepare this! Just add on raw peanut into glutinous rice, then add on this paste, and you're done! :D

Let's start for Cantonese Dumpling's journey!

1. You would like to fold your the bamboo leaf into half and make sure the leaf at the bottom part is folded (To prevent the glutinous rice fall out).

2. Then add in 1 tablespoon of glutinous rice (you can add on a little bit of salt and white wine to make it smell better 1-2 hours before you start).

3. Add in 1 tablespoon of yellow bean (you must mix together with a little bit of glutinous rice *2-3 tablespoons* to prevent it separate apart after it cooked, as my mum forgot to mix it and cause it easily break into half).

4. Add in a piece of herb. *optional*

5. Add in a piece of pork, sometimes I put pork sausage as it will make the dumpling smell better!

6. Add in another piece of herb to cover it.

7. Then cover with 1 tablespoon of yellow bean.

8. Last step, 1 tablespoon of glutinous rice to the end. Fold it back, can be in triangle or rectangular shape, as you like! Also, tide it with natural rope which made from banana tree!

Yeap, super easy right. Here's Im done!
Actually people nowadays like to do triangle one, as it is easier and save more bamboo leaves. But for Traditional Cantonese Dumpling right, they will make into rectangular shape, which we call it pillow dumpling informally.

After that, we use super traditional way - charcoal to cook it! For this traditional way, you will need 3-4 hours to be cooked. On the other hand, you can use pressure cooker to cook it as well, as it take 2 hours to be fully cooked (shorter time but it dont hv charcoal smell lor XD)

Tadaaa, this dumpling I got add in sausage one, as mum didnt mix much glutinous rice into the yellow beans, hence it separate into half so easily. *Don't repeat the same mistake btw*

Here's all what mum and I make for last Sunday!

Thanks for reading!
Any question just leave your comment down, or email to me! Have a nice dayyyyy ;)


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