Monday, July 7, 2014

Find MYSELF back

Good news! I just graduated from MAHSA University, with BSC (Hons) Degree in Physiotherapy (4+0) last middle of May! I'm waiting that day for such a long time ago. Study at university isn't that good and relax as described during secondary school.

Lots of sweet, bitter, sad, happy and great memories I had been go through. A lot of thanks to my family, lecturers, coursemates and especially my best buddies Christy, Joey and Jojo, which help me a lot in coping my stress, studies, revision and exam!

4 of us finally graduated from this tough course! Me, Jojo, Christy and Joey! Hope our friendship will never end as we graduated.

Yeap, convocation will be on November 2014, still a long way to go.

During my study time, I was super exited because once I graduated I can work straight away and earn $$. I can stay together with my loved one, but all these things seem to be IMPOSSIBLE. After graduate, buddies and I did went to Bangkok for graduation trip. Till then, it is still a very memorable moment for me.

After that, I have to come back to Sarawak for holiday trip and also accompany my family. The story just begin. I start to worry my jobs, my family, my relationship and even my future.



Yes, I think so. Stress come on and off.

I start to worry where is the best place for me to work, as my family want me to work in Sarawak. However Sarawak seriously have limitation in physiotherapy field. I cant expand.

I start to worry where can I work. I get 2 offers but I rejected all of them. Sound that I had lost my mind, there're too much of unexplained stress that I need to cope with.

I start to complaint to my loved one, Vinc regarding these problems. Yes, again we argue and cold war for quite awhile. And I almost lost HIM.  

I start to lost a lot of good chances, everyone is helping me but I don't help myself. NO motivation, NO effort, NO EQ, NO determination etc etc.


Now I lost my PASSION. wtf. I need to do SOMETHING. Before I lost myself.

Yes, finally I found my way TO FIND BACK MYSELF. There's many ways you can try! 

1. Healthy diet & exercise
I don't eat clean for the past few weeks. Maybe due to stress and unhappiness happen on and on again, and I ate a lot to calm myself down (NO WAY! This is worst way to release myself!) Hence my weight gain from 60 to 64 kg. wth. This is super unbelievable as such a long time I didn't gain so much of weight since my heaviest weight last 2 years was 68 kg wtf. Seriously I need healthy diet and exercise so much!

For the last 2 days, I start my clean diet and 40-60 minutes aerobic exercise per day! Again, thanks to HiShop Malaysia for sponsoring me TruDtox tea for me to make my target even closer! Wait for my  update post for TruDtox tea review!

Introduce another new mini circuit.

Refer to my MALTA workout post for more exercise!

With only exercise body can produce a HAPPY hormone - ENDORPHIN which gives feeling of euphoria (A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness), modulation of appetite, the release of different sex hormones & increase our body's immune response! Of cos, it also will reduce the STRESS.

Other than that, with healthy diet, I'm sure you're one step closer to you target now! What I eat actually not much changes, I still eat vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Just for now I control each portion I eat and EAT IN TIME. With TruDtox tea's help, I guess I'm actually can achieve my target in very short time. Determination, pls don't failed me! XD

Quote of the day: I don't stop when I'm TIRED, I stop when I'm DONE.

2. Reading
Yeap, reading. Recently I use my RM250 book vouchers to buy some books that can move to a higher level. Seriously, I dont like reading, story books especially because it is boring and lots of word. BUT once you found the books that you really like, for me I prefer to read some self-enhancement books, then I'm finishing it very soon, as well as, read it for few more times.

One of my favorite book! Yes, most of the time I read Chinese books, and you can see my English level never can be improve one *oops* I love this book because it teach us to be more mature, find back our good personalities as well as telling us various story/experiences that  happen surrounding, and actually you can get moral values from it!

Benefits of reading can promote relaxation while at the same time stimulate your mind, which can make you feel better. It also play a role as teachers, mentors and even inspirations. What I feel is I can learn a better life just by reading a book, authors and writers can take you to places and imaginary worlds, as well as experience those experiences that you will never had before, or maybe forever. It also cannot be found in other form of entertainment or technology!
Refer to for more tips & information.

3. Prayer
Yes, prayer. Whenever we feel down we always seek security, comforter and listener from somewhere. BUT I will seek all of these from GOD. Whenever I feel down, I will read prayers, divine mercy and rosary to calm myself back.

Previously I stay away from GOD because I felt that He can't help me much. BUT actually I'm wrong. He the only one can help me, when there're no one else can help you. Finally with family support, I got myself back, and now I'm no longer alone no longer suffer from negative minded!

Quote of the day: Praise the Lord, if you don't understand what HE is doing!

This is because He actually finding the best way for you, by excluding those ways that might hurt you. So yeahhh, I'm glad because I got Him in my life! Thank you God, because of YOU I found myself back.


Remember, always be yourself!

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