Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[Review] KOSE Seikisho Cleansing Oil

Hey everyone! I come back for beauty product review again! Today I'm going to review about [KOSE Cleansing Oil].

Before I introduce it, let me ask a question, every girls love make up right?


After make up, of cos I wont miss out to use my smart phones and selfie camera to snap down as much as photos I can. LOL. Yea, I started this habit super long time ago, guess around secondary school - Form 2? I kept selfie after dad bought me a canon camera that year!?


I became very lazy to make up, started last year. So you can see I rarely make up because of my laziness to remove my make up especially my eyes part.

*OMG again?!*

Everytime make up using cotton seriously I will lost few pieces of eyelashes after using cotton or cotton bud + make up remover. Sometimes redness of my EYES. Gosh sometime it's really a nightmare for me T.T

Well, actually I got this cleansing oil on previous KOSE workshop but I nvr know how to use that, hence I neglected it. *How terrible I am* LOL
Anyway, thanks to Joey for reminding me that this KOSE cleansing oil which is mainly help to remove make up just by gently massage and can be facial cleanser as well!

Seriously I really thanks GOD & human for creating such an awesome product for us to remove heavy make up especially! It's super convenient for us and NO LONGER scare to make up again!

Love you!! Actually quite a lot of brands also have cleansing oil, which you guys can search for it. As my mum actually bought one for me previously, but I nvr read the instruction as well, so end up I use it as make up remover only, not cleansing oil -.-

Here is it. I will use it in more effective way next time XD Thankiuuu mummy I love you!

Let's start to remove our make up!

a. Before application, ensure that hands and face are dry.

b. Dispense 2-4 pumps (depends on ur make up area) of cleansing oil onto your dry palm.

c. Spread all over your make up area with your finger tips, and massage using small circulation motion to dissolve dirt and make up. 

Okay, I will massage around the eye areas [1] first then only proceed to the rest of [2].

d. Wet your hand and massage again, til the oil completely emulsified (turns milky).

e. Wipe off using cotton pad. 

f. Next rinse off thoroughly with water. You can use facial cleanser to wash one more time to ensure your face is really clean and no more oil.

Tadaa! I'm totally free from make up now. It is super easy, and also make my life so much easier!

Even I use tissue to wipe off after washing my face using facial cleanser, I can see that no more make up dirt on the tissue as well as on my face! It prove that it really effective in REMOVING MAKE UP.

Also noted that my skin is super sensitive and oily face, and both of them never trigger my sensitiveness at all.

I seriously fall in love with this Perfect Cleansing Oil, created by amazing ppl!So really thanks to those who create this perfect make up remover!

Happy reading!

More information:
Website: http://www.kose.com.my/Cleansing Oil
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia


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