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A MUST visit places at Bangkok - Mahachai Seafood Market + Maeklong Railway Market

Yeap, as I mentioned that there's few places that is a must to visit when you're at Bangkok! Definitely will visit all of them with my bf next tour. Aww. Can't wait! XP

Mahachai Seafood Market + Maeklong Railway Market
I visit this place on 2nd day with 1 day tour guide, as this place actually quite hard to go by ourselves, as they describe it in quite complicated way.

Let's begin our journey!!

- Walk from Lub D Silom to Saladaeng Skytrain
- Took Saladaeng Skytrain to WongWian Yai Skytrain
- 5 min walk on the skybridge
- Took WongWian Yai Raiway station to Mahachai Station
- Mahachai Seafood Market - Samut Sakhon province
- Lunch at famous riverside seafood restaurant
- Took a mini van to Maeklong
- Maeklong Railway Market - Samut Songkhram province
- Took a Songtel (Thai mini van which look like tuk tuk) to Amphawa
- Amphawa Floating Market 
- Took a mini van back to Victory Monument

*Thanks Joey for the reference!*

From Amphawa Floating Market I will update - here which is a separate post.

Yeahhh. We took a selfie when we r heading to WongWian Yai Skytrain!

Christy, Me, Apple (Tour Guide), Joey

Selfie with #myNXmini. Here we start from Lub d Silom, together with our cutie tour guide. After that, we need to walk a distance before reaching this super antique type of train, at WongWian Yai!

And we bought our ticket!

Yeap, from WongWian Yai we will head our journey to Maha Chai, which is destination of Mahachai Seafood Market and we took a mini van to Maeklong Railway Market. BTW there's only one way to Maha Chai, and there's no train coming back to Wong Wian Yai.

Selfie with this super antique train at WongWian Yai Train station.

Before enter the train, Apple introduce us Thailand local food, something like glutinous rice mix with some  shallot, taste a bit salty and quite easy to eat!

This is how they do it. You can get it just beside the train station!

After we got our seat and food, and we ready to go! The whole journey took 45-60 minutes. So basically we sleep inside the train XP
*BTW there's a lot of dust flying around because the trains' window are open one, non-air condition. Make us really feel like we r going back to old decades of human LOL

And finally we arrive Maha Chai station now! Cutie Christy!

As you can see this is Mahachai Station which is full of hawkers!

And we all start JALAN! We can see there's a lot of fresh meat around once we step down from the train!

Then we moving to another place which is vegetables and fruits.

Can see that there's variety of vegetables and fruits that you will never see in Malaysia!

Anyone pls tell me what r them XD
I only know the purple one sweet potato

Before that I also get a chance to take an OOTD. Ignore the way I stand, I know is awkward :P

Photo credit to dear Joey!

Other than that, there's a lot of fresh seafood too!

Fresh crabs, prawns, sotong *drooling*

Guess this is what? Huge fish egg! :D

Other seafood that I hv no idea what is it XD

On the way going to lunch, we saw this super super nice ice cream which is using very traditional way to create it, and it is a quite famous local snack.

Various type of ice cream!

Each of us get different flavor of ice cream - I'm holding coffee, Christy holding jagung corn flavor and Joey is holding laici flavor!

Next we're going to see how they use traditional way to produce this silicon type of ice cream.

It is moving left and right in circulation way to make it become ice and cold enough!

Okay, moving to next, there're too much of thing to share over here btw XD We can see that there're a lot of chinese food! Remember Thailand also got a place named China Town.

And we got these 3.

Glutinous rice with mango which is very famous in Thailand!

Glutinous rice with durian, which is one of my favorite compared to mango!

And we also get this famous local snack, which taste like angku kueh, too bad we didn't manage to finish it in time, because of hot weather, this snack get sour + spoiled under the hot sun.

Other than that, we also spot this cute stuffs, which is rempah ratus, something like belacan?

This is how it look like at the back. They will take scoop by scoop from the back. End up it will be look like the middle one, which is flat one (guess it is the best seller lol)

Then we going to another place which you can see a lot of fresh seafood.

While we walking around, we also saw these!

And we manage to snap down a very nice buddy pic!


Then we r heading to makan! After walking for a long distance, finally we arrive. It placed at the nearby river.

Famous seafood restaurant nearby Mahachai, Samut Sakhon.

Can can get to view very nice panorama and Joey manage to snap down these pretty pic!

And Apple ordered these for us! From left (Fresh crab meat fried rice, Fish Cake, Seafood Tomyam and Fresh vegetables)* My favourite always goes to TOMYAM :D

Manage to take a selfie, but forgot to take group selfie before makan -.-

Super tired face. Remember to apply thick sunblock on your face and skin, as SUN will never have mercy on you! 

After eating, we r heading to Maeklong Station, by a mini van. And we reach!

Yeap, we all get ready with our cameras and cell phones to record down how the hawkers here take their things backwards when the train passing by their stalls. 

Always I watch it online but guess what, I'm going to experience it myself! We wait for roughly 15 minutes to wait for the train to come. Before that, we also take few cool pictures with this antique train.

Yeap! Love our group photos!

Because of super hot weather, we get some fresh coconut water to drink! To calm down our heatiness.

Ohya Thailand coconut also damn famous here! With only 30 bath and you can get one big coconut!

This is how they put their vege fruits and stuff selling beside at Maeklong  Railway. When they announced that the train are get ready, they will pull all their stuff in by using roller.

Within 1-2 mins, everything is clear! And it look like this after all the roller being pulled.

Here's the video! Recorded by me and edited by Joey.

And this is our short video!

Hope all of you enjoy this post and NEXT destination is Amphawa Floating Market!

Link back to *Frequent questions asked in Bangkok trip*


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    And this is going to be useful for travelers like me which will definitely add all above places to visit and
    things to do in Bangkok city for my future trips.

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